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If Cricket is your religion and you love to keep track of everything that’s happening in the world of Cricket, we share your passion equally.

CricketXL mainly focuses on latest Cricekt News, Cricket Records, IPL Records. Our main aim is to share and provide the Best and Useful knowledge with our readers.

The “CricketXL.com” is the perfect shot for you to access the latest Cricket news in hindi. No matter where you are, remain hooked to the latest scores in real-time. You can find out here latest Cricekt News, Cricket Records, IPL Records and the players and team rankings for all formats of the game. You can also catch upcoming match schedules and stats of previous matches that you might have missed.

CricketXL was started on 18 May 2020. The main purpose of starting this blog is to help people for getting the relevant and right information to our readers.

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